How to Surprise Your Customers and Win Their Hearts Forever

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

September 26, 2023


Pecans and gift box


How to Surprise Your Customers and Win Their Hearts Forever

If your business is not planning to give gifts this holiday season, you’re missing out on an easy way to build enduring relationships. Giving corporate holiday gift boxes is easy to do and brings more cheer to these festive occasions.

Our 2023 ready-to-ship corporate Holiday Gift Box Collection is ready for you!. We have a broad assortment of gift boxes so you can select the perfect holiday gift box for everyone on your list. Our gift boxes are crafted for gender neutral corporate holiday gifts, employee and client appreciation holiday gifts, and key prospective customers holiday gifts. 

When you give a healthful gift of roasted pecans you show appreciation for your clients, valued business partners and critical vendors. Moreover, energy-boosting roasted pecans say you wish the recipients a long and healthy life. Since the present is consumable delicious pecans are perfect for clients who already have everything,

Unique and memorable gift boxes of assorted flavored pecans also acknowledge the hard work of your fantastic employees. Food gifts are always popular and can be a morale booster. In addition, by showing them they are valued, your employees may feel motivated to work more productively.

You will catch the attention of prospects when you give them a personally selected gift box during the prospecting process. It’s especially important to select a gift that is thoughtful and intentional. Most importantly, this gift should not be a branded giveaway that is likely to be perceived as self-serving and cheap, no matter how expensive it is. 


Customize Your Gift For Added Impact

When you want to add impact to your gift, we can customize your flavored pecan gift box selections with your logo and branding. We can also include a handwritten notecard in each gift box. We can even create a custom pecan flavor for you to give your gift recipients a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you favor sweet, salty, or savory, we will make a custom blend for your business. Then, we’ll add your custom label and a handwritten note.


Add Pecans to Your Own Gift Box

Maybe you have a tradition of curating gift boxes with an assortment of items. If so, this year add some savory roasted pecans. Our Wutta Nut! Pecans are available in three sizes of resealable gold foil pouches that make a statement in any gift box or basket.

Receiving an unexpected gift is a powerful experience that your customers will remember for years. Whether you choose ready-to-ship gift boxes, a custom assortment, a custom flavor with your own branding, or simply choose some flavors to add to your own gift boxes, our savory pecans are sure to delight your recipients.

If you’ve never tasted Wutta Nut! Pecans and live near Charlotte, we invite you to join us at our free in-person events in and around Charlotte. Now through the end of October.

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