In the Beginning…

As a child, I remember going with Dad down to the train station in early November to pick up a 100-pound gunny sack of pecans sent by my uncle. Dad and I would spend hours cracking those nuts by hand and cleaning them. Then, as Thanksgiving and Christmas approached, I’d help Mom make holiday candies, cookies, and breads with those pecans. We’d enjoy them the rest of the year too, sprinkled into salads and vegetables and added to chicken or fish dishes.

I never tire of eating pecans, and now I eat them year-round. Sure, a few sweets now and again, but mostly I eat them roasted whenever I want a little pick-me-up, or as pecan butter smeared on multi-grain bread and topped with bread-and-butter pickles.

Aunt Patricia (Aunt "P")

Aunt Patricia (Aunt "P")

Pecan Evangelist

Every family has that slightly crazy but mostly harmless old relative. Our family has Aunt Patricia. A few years back, Aunt Patricia inherited a rather large pecan operation* consisting of numerous orchards, somewhere in the heart of the Georgia pecan region. Shortly thereafter, truckloads of pecans began showing up. She tried making pecan pies, but when the neighbors started refusing to answer the door when she appeared, she decided the world does not need another Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie. Wutta Nut! Pecans was launched soon thereafter. In time, it all proved too much for her, and we were, somewhat forcibly, recruited to help her. Luckily, we love Aunt Patricia almost as much as we love pecans.

*Aunt Patricia hotly denies that the deceased was her paramour, but the rumor persists. You wouldn’t know it now, but she was one hot curvaceous babe in her younger days. These days, she’s a hot mess.


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Did you know?

The name “pecan” is derived from the Algonquin Native American word “pacane” that described “nuts requiring a stone to crack.” At Wutta Nut! we’ve done the cracking for you.

“The nuts were great. I will be ordering more soon.”

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