Beer Fest

Craft Beers Deserve Premium Snacks

Whether you’re serving craft porters, stouts, pilsners, ales, Belgians, wheats, sours, lagers, or ciders, your guests deserve to experience epic snacks like our small-batch made-by-hand roasted pecans in savory flavors.

Our seasoned pecans can make even the best beers taste better by counteracting the bitterness of hops. And, the healthy fats in pecans let you fully enjoy your favorite brew by minimizing that dry-mouth sensation. 

Large: $75

Assortment: Five 5 oz Halves in Agave Ginger, Bacon Maple, Butter and Sea Salt, Memphis BBQ, and Parmesan Garlic Butter.

Small: $33

Assortment: Two 5 oz Halves in Memphis BBQ and Rosemary Black Pepper.

Craft Beer Fest Savory Pecans Gift Box


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