Rosemary Black Pepper Pecans



Rosemary Black Pepper is our most savory pecan gourmet treat. They’re flavored with a zingy seam of garden-grown rosemary, fresh-ground Tellicherry black pepper, and a hint of honey.

If you think pecans only belong in sweets or mixed with sugar and cinnamon, these Wutta Nut! Pecans Rosemary Black Pepper roasted halves will change your mind. Rosemary has a distinctive peppery and woodsy taste and an intense, slightly citrusy aroma. It’s the perfect herb for a variety of dining occasions.

Add these to your fish or cheese course and give your dinner party friends a touch of the exotic and an exclusive restaurant vibe.

For less formal occasions, like a picnic in the garden or a fast weeknight meal, spring some into a crunchy slaw or a mixed greens salad. Or, spice up a lazy weekend brunch. Rosemary Black Pepper pecan halves are the savory pecan gourmet treat for the earthy flavors and tobacco, wood, and leather notes of darker roast Indian and Indonesian coffees. Plus, they’re great addition to fruit salads or fresh pastries.

Like all of our flavors, Rosemary Black Pepper seasoned pecans are grown in the USA. We produce them in a gluten-free kitchen. They are available in 1.6-oz snack packs. Our 21-oz. Pantry Pack size makes any dinner special, so keep some on hand. 

“I just went to Rhino market in Southend Charlotte for lunch and had your Rosemary Black Pepper pecans and they were delicious!” ~ Declan

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Weight 5.5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4.5 × 2 in

5 oz pouch, 1.6 oz pouch, Pantry Pack


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