For foodservice, catering, and commissary use, we have several quantity options for bulk purchasing, with discounts for returned containers. We offer a wide variety of savory roasted halves.

Bulk purchasing is ideal for portioning for a signature snack for bar customers, or incorporating into a signature menu item. We also recommend adding our savory roasted pecan halves to your charcuterie, dessert, or appetizer menus.

Our most popular size is the 6-lb kitchen container with snap-on lid. We also offer a 2-lb kitchen container with snap-on lid. Each single-flavor container is labeled with single-serving nutrition information and allergy warnings. Additional nutritional labels are available upon request to share with your patrons, employees, or residents.

Bacon Maple Pecans - Pantry Pack Size
Bulk Pecans
Giant Size Pecans

Taste the Pecans.

Pecans’ natural buttery crunch and our delightful flavor combinations add an element of fun to eating, making them a rewarding selection for those seeking a new taste experience. And, when it comes to providing nutritious and enjoyable food options, pecans are an exceptional choice. They are abundant in vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein, “good” fats, and fiber.


Our savory roasted pecans are available in seven flavors.

Agave Ginger: Tantalizing ginger snap tamed with a bit of agave sugar.
Bacon Maple: Organic maple sugar wallowing in all-natural pig fat.
Butter and Sea Salt: Rich dairy butter and flavorful sea salt.
Memphis BBQ: Our blend of 8 spices sweetened with just enough with brown sugar.
Parmesan Garlic Butter: Everyone’s favorite Italian threesome.
Rosemary Black Pepper: Garden-grown rosemary, plus freshly ground Tellicherry black pepper, and a hint of honey.
We’re Kickin’ It: Spicier barbecue with smoky bacon and a little vinegar. No added sugar.

Reusable and Minimal Packaging Save You Money.

Our wholesale products are available in reusable 2-lb, 4-lb, and 6-lb kitchen containers and we offer a discount after your initial order when you elect to use our compostable packaging. This packaging is designed for you to refill the original container. You can indicate which kind of packaging you want for each item when you reorder.

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Let’s Work Together.

You want to keep your clientele engaged and delighted with unexpected food choices. Pecans are the new taste sensation in healthful snacking and savory snacks are by far the most popular kind of fresh and wholesome treat. Introduce your patrons to this latest taste sensation and watch them experience culinary bliss like never before. Our savory pecans will leave them craving more and thanking you for introducing them to such a delectable treat.

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