Need A Fresh Fundraising Idea?

We’re here to help your school, church, or sports organization raise the money you need. Your supporters are tired of overpriced items they don’t really need. This year, let them purchase something they’ll enjoy: top-quality savory roasted pecans.


More Profit For You

We offer you our wholesale pricing, so you can set your own prices and reap the profit.

Your Choice of 3 Flavors and 2 Sizes


Our Three Most Popular Flavors

Butter and Sea Salt
Memphis BBQ
Rosemary Black Pepper

Give your supporters more reasons to buy by offering them all three!

Two Convenient Options

Easy to store and handle for distribution.

5 oz resealable pouches, for door-to-door sales
6 lb resealable containers for economical concession and event sales

We Make Fundraising Easy, Whatever You Need

  • Concession Stands
  • School Fairs
  • Choir and Band Fundraisers
  • Church Mission Trips
  • New Uniforms and Gear
  • Playground Equipment
  • Field Trips
  • Medical Bills
  • Social Causes

Contact Us for Detailed Information

  • Tell us about your timeframe, number of members, fundraising goal, and the purpose of your fundraiser. 
  • We’ll ship your fundraising promotion kit in advance of your kick-off date.

Your Fundraising Promotion Kit


Custom Fundraiser Flyer

Custom Flavor Pecan Labels

Sale Record Sheet

Custom Flavor Pecan Labels

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