Bring Good Cheer to a New Friend with the Perfect Housewarming Gift

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

April 18, 2023

Housewarming or Farewell roasted pecan halves gift box large

Bring Good Cheer to a New Friend with the Perfect Housewarming Gift

The perfect housewarming gift can help a new house become a home. Perhaps new neighbors have moved in and you want to extend a warm welcome but you’re not sure what to give. Or a family member or friend has invited you to a housewarming party to celebrate a recent move. You want your gift to be useful as well as show you put some thought into its selection.

Food is always a good choice, and certain foods carry special meaning when given as a housewarming gift. You can spice up a traditional housewarming gift box with savory pecans in assorted flavors.


The Perfect Housewarming Gift Box

When it comes to giving a housewarming gift box, food is both practical and immediately useful. Four of the most time-honored traditional foods, and their meanings, are these:

Honey – so you may always enjoy the sweetness of life.

Bread – so you may never know hunger.

Oil – so you may be blessed with health and wellbeing.

Salt – so that your life may always have flavor.

These days many people are counting carbs and may not welcome bread as a gift, and most people will have these items in their pantry already. So instead, wrap up all four of these wonderful wishes in low-carb savory roasted pecans in a variety of flavors.

Our Housewarming Gift Box symbolizes all four of these sentiments. Each box includes an assortment of six flavors. Agave Ginger and Chili Sweet are made with honey to ensure a sweet life, Parmesan Garlic Butter and Butter and Sea Salt have salt for flavor, and Memphis BBQ and Buffalo Stampede are made with oil to bring wellbeing.

They are all included in the large gift box and will delight the newcomers for weeks to come.

Plus, in giving an assortment of flavored pecans, the recipients can explore different tastes and choose their own favorites.


Taste the Difference

Our pecans are a bit different from what you might expect. First, they’re savory, spicy or salty, but not sweet. Second, they are seasoned, not coated. The difference is significant. When pecans are fully coated, especially with a sugary substance, it’s nearly impossible to taste the pecans. We believe that the pecan taste should be front and center, its flavor enhanced by the addition of other flavors, not obscured by them. Otherwise, what’s the point of eating a delicious pecan? You might as well eat puffed rice. For more on the differences between seasoned and coated pecans, read this post.


Meet the Neighbors and Ward Off Evil Spirits

Originally, a housewarming party to celebrate moving into a new home was more than a casual gathering. Neighbors brought firewood and built fires in all of the fireplaces to literally warm up the house. This warming was thought to dispel any bad spirits that might have inhabited the house while it was empty.

At a time when small communities of people depended upon each other for special skills that were needed for survival, these new friends would also congratulate the new owners, welcome them into the community, and wish them good health and prosperity.

Over the years, housewarming gifts have expanded beyond basic items to include discretionary or decorative items. The sentiment remains the same: may you live a healthy and rich life in this new place.


Farewell Gifts

Farewell parties are less common than housewarming parties. For someone moving across the country by car, a gift box of healthful pecan snacks in a variety of flavors will be a welcome diversion.

If you’re lucky enough to have friends or family members to help you pack before your own move, pecan snacks on the counter make for a quick and easy pick me up. Your stalwart friends will appreciate having something to nosh during breaks, and pecans go very well with whatever beverages and sandwiches you’re serving.

Whether it’s a housewarming party, a real farewell party, or a packing and truck-loading party, pecans are a great anytime snack. They’re satisfyingly crunchy and savory, and easy to munch.

Order a gift box the next time you want to welcome a new neighbor or help an old friend prepare to move.

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