Have You Discovered Savory Sweet Bacon Maple Pecans?

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

September 6, 2023


Crisp pieces of Bacon


Have You Discovered Savory Sweet Bacon Maple Pecans?

In Bacon Maple pecans, we’ve combined three of your favorite flavors into one delicious crunchy snack. When you think of pure pig lard wallowing in organic maple sugar and all wrapped around roasted pecans, there’s only one question: What’s not to like?


Yes, we use organic maple sugar. We didn’t set out with that mandate. Like all of our snacks, we started by comparing ingredients from different sources to find the best. We were delighted to find a maple sugar with exceptional flavor, hand-packed for freshness, and made on a family farm. That they are certified as practicing organic farming was a bonus. We know that organic farming is much more costly, and that’s reflected in the wholesale price we pay, and in the price you pay. When you choose to support organic farming, you’re supporting your commitment to sustainable farming with your wallet.


Likewise, our bacon grease comes from a small family business that sources from independent pork and bacon producers. From the farmers that grow our native American pecans here in the US to the sources of our ingredients, we favor independent, family-operated, and small businesses. We know we’re helping to provide employment and income to invest in their own businesses. In turn, they help support our business. When you purchase our savory pecans, you’re supporting all of us. Together we strengthen the backbone of our American economy.


Savory Bacon Maple Pecans for Any Time of Day

If you’re like seven in 10 Americans, you’re eating fewer meals and more snacks. Smaller meals spread throughout the day ensure you have a ready supply of energy to keep you focused.

Bacon Maple pecans are for any time of day.


We all think of bacon as a breakfast food, and who doesn’t like maple syrup for pancakes or waffles? So it’s natural to grab some Bacon Maple pecans for breakfast on the go. Pecans have protein, and few carbs, so they’ll give you energy to get you going, without so many carbs that you want to crawl back in bed.

Coffee Break:

When you’re ready for that late-morning cup of coffee, pecans complement your coffee too.


Pecans are proven to be a better crunchy addition to your lunch than snacks or chips.

After Work:

The meaty flavor of bacon and the slight sweetness of the maple sugar go great with stouts, porters, and brown ales. So, when you’re ready to relax with a favorite craft beer, grab a bag of Bacon Maple pecans too.


Those late-night shots of bourbon, whisky or rye with your friends will taste just a little bit smoother when you add a few handfuls of Bacon Maple pecans.


Introducing Our Fall Special 3-Pack

No matter what time of day or beverage, we recommend you change things up a bit from time to time. My favorite set of autumn flavors is Agave Ginger with its mouthwatering ginger, Bacon Maple, and our seasonal Maple Pumpkin Spice – the same organic maple sugar we use in our Bacon Maple, perfectly blended with our own combination of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and other spices. Now when you purchase all three directly from our website you’ll save money. Regularly, these three, the 5 oz Agave Ginger, 6.5 oz Bacon Maple and 6 .5 oz Maple Pumpkin Spice, retail on our website for $45. They’re now available for a limited time for only $37. From our home page click on the Fall Special.


If you live near Charlotte, you are invited to join us at our free in-person events that started last weekend and continue through autumn where we’ll be giving away samples of our new pecan flavor. Check out the details on our home page.


All we can tell you is this one will Burn. Your. Socks. Off. Fortunately, you can purchase fire-quenching beverages at the craft breweries where we’re exhibiting.


Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get the dates, times, and locations. Also, take a minute to sign up for our newsletter, In a Nutshell, below this blog post.






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