Roasted Pecans

Roasted Pecans Like You’ve Never Had Before

All of our pecans are slow-oven roasted and seasoned to let that incredible deep-roasted pecan flavor shine. We make them by hand in small batches, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a savory, spicy or salted snack, our flavors are sure to please. Order a pouch to try today.

We give you a broad variety of pecan flavors, using ingredients you’d find in your kitchen, in fresh and unexpected combinations. Let us awaken your tastebuds and please your palate with new nutty flavors you can’t resist. 

Our seasoned halves make a great flavored snack. Or, choose one of our Toppers and give a side dish, salad, sandwich, or soup a savory addition. With Wutta Nut! you can be adventurous. 

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“I love them, especially the Agave Ginger roasted pecans. Thank you.”

Susan C.

“Our favorite flavors are Maple Pumpkin Spice and Agave Ginger. The snack size is perfect for our virtual church stewardship campaign meeting. We will give each participant a snack pack along with a small bottle of champagne.”

An Omaha Fundraiser

“I really like the subtle seasonings. You taste the pecans as much as the other flavors.”

Hawaiian Fan

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