3 Reasons You Will Love Pecan Halves with Rosemary Black Pepper

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

October 10, 2023



3 Reasons You Will Love Pecan Halves with Rosemary Black Pepper

Rosemary Black Pepper was one of our first flavors for roasted pecan halves. Perhaps we were inspired by the enormous rosemary bush that grows in our private herb garden. I planted it nearly 10 years ago, and today, it is about six feet in diameter and three feet tall.

When we started this business, we had one idea: to use only the finest quality pecans and to focus on savory essences that complement the natural pecan flavor. Our flavors come from purely natural sources, and we carefully combine them to bring you mouthwatering snacks that are familiar and yet offer a little twist.

Some tell us we got a little carried away with our commitment to purely natural sources when it comes to Rosemary Black Pepper, but I don’t think so.


Reason #1: Rosemary

The first step to making our Rosemary Black Pepper pecan halves is to extract rosemary oil from the needles. Yes, we make our own rosemary oil. We use a long, slow, low-heat process proven to extract as much flavor as possible.

Fresh rosemary can give off an extremely pungent smell, almost like an evergreen pine scent. That’s enough for some people to think they won’t like the taste. Yet, when it is used in cooking or baking, rosemary imparts a light, yet distinctive, taste. Its herbal, evergreen quality gives food a freshness without being sweet. You might be surprised to learn that rosemary is used to flavor everything from sugar cookies to roast beef, with rave reviews.

We use the seasoned oil to gently flavor our pecans before sweetening them with honey powder.


Reason #2: Honey

Certainly, honey has been used for thousands of years as a sweetener. Powdered honey is simply honey that has been dehydrated extensively, taking it from a liquid to a solid. If we used liquid honey, the pecans would be sticky and therefore, messier to eat and to keep. The dried honey is ground into a powder that looks a lot like fine light beige sugar granules.

It’s easy to add honey powder to your own diet. Just directly substitute it in your recipes that call for refined sugar. You shouldn’t need to make any adjustment to quantity or cooking time, although your food will not taste as sweet.

Once we’ve tempered the rosemary with honey, then we sprinkle the pecans with freshly ground Tellicherry black pepper.  


Reason #3: Tellicherry Black Pepper

Tellicherry peppercorns bring a bright, citrusy flavor to foods, and perfectly complement and enhance the freshness of the rosemary. They are named for their city of origin, Tellicherry, located in the state of Kerala on the Malabar coast of southwestern India.

Tellicherries are considered some of the finest peppercorns worldwide, with a long history that began with spice traders as early as 1500 BCE (Before Common Era).

Rosemary Black Pepper pecan halves are available in four sizes: snack, family, giant, and pantry. They’re great year around, so we also put them into many of our gift boxes, including Beer Bash, Wine Weekend, Summer Fun, and Holiday.

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