Why You Can’t Go Wrong with This Classic Butter and Sea Salt Flavor

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

October 17, 2023


Butter and sea salt pecans


Why You Can’t Go Wrong with This Classic Butter and Sea Salt Flavor

These days, it seems like everyone is interested in food. If they’re not cooking it, they’re eating it, and either way, they’re posting pictures of it. But that doesn’t mean that everyone welcomes the abundant diversity of flavor combinations and blends of cuisines that are available today. Some people embrace simple flavors made with high quality ingredients that deliver a superior taste.

That’s why we created our Butter and Sea Salt flavored savory roasted pecans. It’s a simple taste that we’ve all loved since childhood when we first gummed down buttered toast.


A Classic Flavor

Once you’ve tasted them, our classic butter and sea salt roasted pecan halves will become a staple for every party and family gathering. We start with carefully selected pecans, then we slow-roast them before draping them in rich butter. Finally, we open-handedly sprinkling them with just the right amount of flavorful sea salt. Yes, every batch of our pecans is made by hand.

We want our pecans to have a distinct buttery flavor. We give them that by using butter that comes from grass-fed cows and features a high butterfat content.

Likewise, we want the salt to do more than make them taste salty. That’s why we dress the pecans with Mediterranean Sea salt. Minerals in the salt give it a slightly sweet taste. It also contains less sodium than regular table salt and more calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium. Calcium helps promote bone health while iron supports oxygen transport in red blood cells. Magnesium assists in regulating blood pressure and the production of energy from glucose, and potassium helps control heart rate and blood pressure levels.


Butter Might be Good for You

Some people shy away from butter. After all, it’s high in calories and fat and we all know  too much of those are bad for you. However, butter also works as an antioxidant, protecting cells against free radicals and the damage they cause. Further, butter also contains vitamins A and E. Vitamin A supports good vision, skin health, and immunity, while Vitamin E supports heart health.


Perfect Pairings for Butter and Sea Salt Pecans

While you will enjoy our Butter and Sea Salt pecans as a snack for their superior taste, they’re also great when paired with other foods. For instance, these pecans work well with smoked cheeses like gouda, and cheeses with a pronounced taste such as stilton, brie, or goat. They’re also a great addition to any charcuterie board, grazing table, or dessert buffet.

They also deserve a spot in the cocktail hour, even if you’re only knocking back a beer while you wait for the grill to heat. If you’ve never had crisp and buttery pecans while drinking champagne, then you don’t know what you’re missing! Each sip of champagne will make you want to munch a salted pecan, which will in turn make you want to take another sip of the slightly acidic bubbly! While caviar might be chic, your friends and your budget will appreciate the pecans so much more. 

Butter and Sea Salt is just one of our comfort-food flavors. Memphis BBQ and Bacon Maple pecans are two others. We also have some pecan flavors for the more adventuresome, like Agave Ginger and Rosemary Black Pepper.

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