How Do You Show Employees You’re Thankful for Them?

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

October 24, 2023


Thank you gift box with pecans


How Do You Show Employees You’re Thankful for Them?

This Thanksgiving, wow your employees with a gift of appreciation they will long remember: a thank you gift box filled with a delicious assortment of freshly roasted pecans.

Do you know why there’s no better time to show you appreciate your employees than at Thanksgiving?

Because, they’re not expecting it. They might expect recognition on their work anniversary, or birthday, or even for Christmas. After all, it’s customary to give gifts for those occasions.

When you think about it carefully, you realize that the best time to show you’re thankful for their dedication and hard work is when we’re all in the spirit of giving thanks.


Why Showing Gratitude is Important

Experts say that showing gratitude to your employees can provide tangible benefits such as increasing employee motivation and boosting performance.

You might be surprise to learn that just because you genuinely appreciate your employees, you may think you are already showing appreciation in meaningful ways. Sadly, you may not be communicating your appreciation effectively, or to all of your employees or direct reports. You may be unintentionally causing people to feel unvalued.

Two ways these experts recommend effectively showing you value your employees is by rewarding them for results and by emphasizing wellness.

With Thank You Gift Boxes you can do both.


You Can Have Both Nutrition and Great Taste

Snacking is ubiquitous these days. A recent industry report on snacking reported that nearly six in 10 adults would rather eat many small meals throughout the day rather than a few larger ones. So you can figure your employees are snacking, whether they have returned to the office or are working from home. You can also figure that many of their snacks are not only not healthful, they’re harmful.

That’s because most big-name snacks are highly processed, full of bad fats and sugars, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. That’s what makes them so cheap. They’ve also been carefully engineered to make you want to keep eating them.

By contrast, snacks such as savory roasted pecans offer essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health and fiber. When you eat real food for snacks, you help minimize your chances of suffering obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and heart attacks. By introducing your employees to healthful snacks, you can show them you want them to be healthy and that you embrace this new and better way of eating.


Thank You For Your Results

There’s another trend these days that we appreciate and embrace right along with healthful snacking. That is, measuring employee performance by outcomes, not by outputs or by time visibly spent in a specific location. A quick aside: our own embrace of work-from-anywhere is part of our culture of true work-life balance and our desire to keep our collective carbon footprints as small as feasible.

So, this year, why not give a token gift such as a thank you gift box of pecans in recognition of employee performance? And do it now, ahead of that year-end bonus check. In return, your employees will thank you and let you know how much they appreciate you by working to finish the year strong.

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