How We Make Dry Rub Memphis BBQ Taste So Good

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

October 31, 2023



How We Make Dry Rub Memphis BBQ Taste So Good

Tangy and a little bit sweet, slow-roasted Memphis BBQ is perhaps the best kind of barbecue there is. It’s the dry mixture of spices and herbs that sets Memphis BBQ apart from other types of barbecues. You don’t have to have meat to enjoy the luscious good taste of Memphis BBQ.

Just like every self-respecting pitmaster, we season our Memphis BBQ pecans with our own pitmaster’s secret blend of spices, pepper and brown sugar to give them their savory flair. Then, we slow-roast them to perfection to deliver that perfect barbecue taste wrapped around delicious pecans.

There’s two important differences, however, between our barbecue flavored pecans and barbecued pork. First, while barbecued pork is melt-in-your-mouth tender, our Memphis BBQ roasted pecans are crunchy to satisfy your snackish desires. Second, our Memphis BBQ pecans are vegan. So, if you avoid meat but crave the taste of barbecue, you can’t go wrong with these.


Easy Memphis BBQ Year-Round

Living in the south where winters are mild, it’s easy for us to grill all year long, and we do. There’s nothing better than slow-roasted barbecue ribs to top off a relaxing Saturday.

But, if you live in the north, cold, snow, and wind make winter grilling a challenge. For you Yankees, you might want to check out some helpful hints I found for you.

Of course, you can save all the prep, time, and plain old work that goes in to making a perfectly barbecued dinner by just reaching for some Memphis BBQ savory roasted pecans. We suggest the Pantry Pack size. You can’t beat it for price and convenience.

Just like all of our flavors, these pecans are seasoned, and not smothered. If we smothered them, you’d taste only the seasonings, and not the pecans. You don’t want to miss the slightly sweet delectable flavor of America’s native nut, grown right here in the U.S.


A Few Fun Facts About Memphis BBQ

  • On his 1540’s expedition, Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto brought a herd of pigs with him to the area that later became Memphis.
  • After the Civil War, Memphis became a destination for formerly enslaved people, thus making the city a Black cultural center and a melting pot of barbecue styles.
  • When you’re in Memphis, you can experience both its many barbecue styles and musical history side-by-side.
  • Yes, while dry-rub Memphis BBQ may be its most famous, every diner and restaurant has its own secret recipe, and the city offers wet barbecue and muddy barbecue as well.
  • Barbecuing as a means of cooking existed long before those pigs came to Memphis, and remains popular around the world.


Barbecue with Attitude

As great as these are, they’re not for everyone. If you like your barbecue a little spicier, then check out We’re Kickin’ It – we’ve intensified the barbecue flavor with a little cayenne and vinegar. Plus, we eliminated the sugar. There’s no bite, just a pleasingly intense barbecue flavor and a hint of bacon.

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