A School Fundraiser to Make the Most Money

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

July 18, 2023

Upper grade school children running down the school hallway

A School Fundraiser to Make the Most Money

School fundraisers are in high gear in August, September, and October. According to the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers, these three months are the peak school fundraiser season.

Selling tasty treats is the most popular and effective method of fundraising for supporting cash-strapped school activities and the extra-curricular activities children love.

More than 75% of elementary and middle schools, and nearly 85% of high schools report success with their fundraising. However, in today’s budget-minded and health-conscious culture, families are reluctant to spend money on empty-calorie and highly processed foods like chocolate bars.

Plus, with the likelihood of multiple fundraisers happening at the same time, you want to be sure yours stands out from all the others.


Roasted Pecans are the Novel and Healthful School Fundraiser

When you want to make the most money, choose a popular snack food that is easy to pack, easy to distribute, and provides your supporters with something familiar yet unusual.

This year, let them show their support by offering them savory roasted pecan halves in mouthwatering flavors. Pecans are a popular and delicious nut, so there is a good demand for them. Plus, pecans are a relatively easy product to sell. They are easy to package and transport, and they have a long shelf life.


Fundraising Size and Flavor Options

We start with pecans we’ve selected for their full pecan flavor and soft, buttery crunch. Then we roast them in small batches to produce the best taste and quality, and long shelf life. Every flavor is made by hand, using only natural ingredients. No preservatives, no additives, nothing artificial. Ever.

We offer two choices for selling our roasted pecan halves in three popular flavors.

For door-to-door selling, we recommend our prepacked 5-ounce resealable stand-up pouches. If you’re planning to sell at other school events, such as from the concession stand at sporting events, at a book, craft, or science fair, or during a school open house, then consider starting with our larger bulk containers. When you pack the pecans, your initial investment is less, you control the portion size and price, and you earn more.

We offer three of our most popular flavors for a little something for everyone. For those who like to stick with what they know, we have Butter and Sea Salt. Our Memphis BBQ is not too spicy or too sweet for the backyard barbecue lover or vegan yearning for that unmistakable taste of barbecue. Finally, for those who love to try something new, we recommend our gently flavored Rosemary Black Pepper. Of course, you can order a combination of all three, any two, or just one flavor.


Keys to School Fundraiser Success

I suspect that the reasons why fundraising is unsuccessful for some schools can be traced to other issues and not to the items offered for sale. For a quick tutorial and a check list of the do’s and don’ts for a successful school fundraiser, I found this article to be very helpful.

When you’re looking for a novel and healthful fundraiser for your school, church, or organization, selling roasted pecans is a great option. For more details about our fundraising program, including our sales sheets and posters, read here.

During this peak fundraising season, take advantage of the naturally increased interest in roasted pecans that comes with the approaching cooler weather. Your activity supporters will enjoy a taste treat they will long remember.

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