Why a Clean Label Snack Actually Tastes So Much Better

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

July 13, 2023

hand holding magnifying glass over snack label

Why a Clean Label Snack Actually Tastes So Much Better

Clean label snacks are a growing favorite among adults for the simple reason that they taste better. In fact, a recent study by the Hartman Group found that 70% of consumers are more likely to buy a snack if it has a clean label.

In addition to tasting better, clean label snacks also offer a number of other benefits. They’re often lower in calories and sugar than processed snacks. They’re also a good source of nutrients, such as fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

So what is a clean label snack? It’s a snack that is made with simple, recognizable ingredients. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Just real, whole foods that taste great.  

Unless you’re picking your food from the garden and eating it raw and unwashed, your food has been processed. What matters is the amount of processing the food undergoes before it reaches you. Essentially, you want most of your foods, and especially your snacks, to be minimally or lightly processed.

Minimally processed foods are snacks such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and plain roasted nuts. Lightly processed foods are fundamentally in their natural state and are enhanced with additional natural flavors. Kitchen staples such as flours, vinegars, oils, and grains are also lightly processed.

The best way to know how much processing has gone into your food is to read the label. An ingredient list filled with long unpronounceable items or added vitamins is a strong indication that the contents have been highly processed.

Reading the label is only the first step in selecting clean label foods. Tasting the food for yourself is every bit as important.


The Quality is Clear

The great taste of clean label snacks comes from the quality of the ingredients themselves. The first test is whether you can taste the full flavor of the food itself, whether it is nuts, grains, or fruits.

For instance, we start with high quality Elliot pecans known for their rich pecan taste. Then we add only all natural spices and herbs. As an example, both our Rosemary Black Pepper and our Agave Ginger use a healthful oil that we infuse with rosemary flavor from rosemary needles, or ginger flavor from the ginger root.

Second, clean label snacks are often made with foods are naturally sweet and flavorful. They don’t need to be loaded with artificial flavors to taste good.

Finally, clean label snacks are often made with less processing. This means that they retain more of their nutrients and flavor. So, you’re getting a healthier and more satisfying snack.

Compare this to highly processed, and highly popular snacks like these that use cheaper artificial ingredients, cholesterol-raising fats, an abundance of salt and sugar, and have had most of the inherent nutrients stripped out in the manufacturing. These foods are engineered for long shelf life and transport across great distances. Plus, they are also loaded with additives, preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, enhancers, and thickeners.

(If you want to find out what those unpronounceable words on an ingredient list mean, check out this list from the FDA.)


Clean Label Savory Roasted Pecans

You can read more about how pecans are a great source of energy, high in fiber and filled with vitamins and minerals in a post I wrote earlier. Each of our savory roasted pecan snacks has a clean label of all natural ingredients, and you can read them for yourself here on our website. We use only the finest quality pecans, roasted to perfection and seasoned with blends of herbs and spices. Our flavored pecan snacks are free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, so you can enjoy them with peace of mind.

Plus, unlike many snack foods that are packaged to encourage you to eat multiple servings at once, we use resealable pouches. This way, you can eat only what you need and keep the rest fresh and flavorful for your next snack.

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