Pecans are Wine’s Unparalleled Hero You Need to Meet

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

July 25, 2023

People sitting around table with vineyard and mountains

Pecans are Wine’s Unparalleled Hero You Need to Meet

Pecans pair with wine like wine and a weekend getaway. When it comes to the perfect snack that pairs with every type of wine, savory roasted pecans are the answer. That’s why we created our special Wine Weekend gift box filled with a variety of made-by-hand savory roasted pecans.

Our Wine Weekend gift box assortment pairs well with a variety of red or white dry, semi-dry and sparkling wines. It also goes well with many cheeses, dried fruits, and desserts, so you can snack all weekend long while you imbibe and chill.  


Why Pecans Pair with Wines

As a wine drinker, you appreciate complex and subtle tastes. You recognize quality and  expect your snacks to be luxurious, healthful, and flavorful. Pecans bring an earthy sweetness to snacking. Plus, their natural crunchiness adds an element of excitement, according to Dr. William E. Lee, the foremost expert on food sounds and our reactions to them. Foods that are crunchy hold our attention longer, he says, and the crunchiness also signals freshness and nutrition.

To give you the best snack experience, we start with Elliot pecans that are prized for their rich buttery crunch. We slow-roast them to bring out their full pecan flavor and lightly season them with natural herbs and spices. Pecans are extraordinarily healthful, on par with some superfoods. They provide many vitamins and minerals your body needs, and are high in monounsaturated fat, the same kind of good fat in olive oil.


Savory Flavored Pecans to Pair with Wine

We created a handy list of wine and pecan pairings for you. You can download it here or simply open any of the resealable pouches and try them with whatever you’re drinking. After all, the only pairings that matter are the ones that you like.

Our Wine Weekend Gift Box comes in two sizes. The large box contains 5 oz pouches each of Butter and Sea Salt and Rosemary Black Pepper, and four 1.6 oz Halves in Agave Ginger, Bacon Maple, Parmesan Garlic Butter, and We’re Kickin’ It

The small Wine Weekend Gift Box includes four 1.6 oz Halves in Butter and Sea SaltMemphis BBQ, Rosemary Black Pepper, and We’re Kickin’ It.

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