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Pecans are the gourmet snack for adults that ought to be part of your daily routine. They’re perfectly suited to go with your morning cup of coffee, as a stuck-in-traffic snack, or even with that well-deserved glass of wine or beer. Our 1.6-oz. Snack Packs are resealable gold-foil pouches, so you can save a few pecans for later, but you won’t want to.

Whether you favor salty or you’re a savory enthusiast, Wutta Nut! Pecans are magnificent morsels that elevate gourmet snacking to the extreme. We start with a small nut varietal recognized in tasting competitions for its rich pecan flavor and buttery crunch. Then we season each small batch by hand and slow-roast it to just the right moment to deepen that pecan flavor.

Our Wutta Nut! Pecan flavors use only pure and natural ingredients. There’re no preservatives. No artificial flavors. No artificial colors. We use just enough salt to bring to life the spices, herbs, and other flavors we have carefully blended together.

You’ll make these your new go-to gourmet snack for adults on movie or game night. Or any time you want to curl up with your favorite adult beverage and binge watch that newest streaming media hit.

Want more gourmet pecans? Try our 5-oz. gold-foil resealable pouches or check out our 21-oz. Pantry Packs.

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