You’ll be Amazed by the Pure Flavor When You Taste Our Pecans

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

April 23, 2024

You’ll be Amazed by the Pure Flavor When You Taste Our Pecans

Watching people taste our pecans for the first time is perhaps the best part of exhibiting at festivals and outdoor markets. Inevitably, their first taste leads to conversations about how our pecans are different.

When they taste our pecans, they begin to realize there’s a lot more to pecans than they’ve ever realized. They can taste the natural sweetness and luscious pecan flavor.

I tell them that we intentionally season our pecans lightly, so they can taste the full flavor of the pecans. I tell them that top-quality pecans don’t need to be loaded with artificial flavors to taste good.

We invite them to look at the back of the package, to read the list of ingredients. They’re struck by how different our pecan snacks are compared to the highly processed snacks they’re used to, ones that use cheaper artificial ingredients, cholesterol-raising fats, an abundance of salt and sugar, and have had most of the inherent nutrients stripped out in the manufacturing. Those foods are engineered for long shelf life and transport across great distances. Plus, they are also loaded with additives, preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, enhancers, and thickeners.

Since I grew up eating pecans year-round, I know natural pecans are delicious as a low-sugar, flavorful snack. But many people do not. These festivals and markets are a great opportunity to invite people to taste the pecans, perhaps for the first time.

It’s all part of our mission to introduce people to the honest, clean taste of quality pecan snacks. We believe that people deserve flavorful alternatives to highly processed snacks, without sacrificing convenience and variety of taste.


True Snackable Convenience

For us, convenience means two things. The obvious one of course is that the pecans are snackable no matter what you’re doing. Eat them with your fingers. Eat one-handed while doing something else. We get it. Two, convenience also means that the package is easy to open, and it is just as easy to close. So, you can choose how many you want to eat at a time, without fear that the remaining pecans will go stale or lose their flavor. That’s why we use a resealable package, even though it costs more.


Seasoned, Not Smothered

Some people are disappointed that we don’t have pecans that are smothered in candy or made into desserts. It’s what they know. They’ve never experienced a great-tasting pecan before.

So many pecan products are buried under sugar or chocolate. Depriving them of air means you don’t have to take good care of them and they have an enormously long shelf life. It also means that you can’t taste the pecans, so the quality of the pecans and the taste don’t matter. Further, weighting them with cheaper artificial ingredients and sugar means you substantially lower the cost of your product per pound.


Treat Pecans Like Fruit

We know that our way of making pecan snacks is not the way most companies do it. We treat our pecans like they’re fresh fruit (botanically, they’re seeds). They taste better when they’re kept cool. And, they’re sure to spoil when subjected to hot temperatures because heat causes the natural oil in the nuts to go rancid.

Like any fruit, you want them to be fresh and full of natural flavor. So, store your pecans in a cool, dry, and dark place. With this proper care, they will taste great for up to 10 months.


A Quality Product at a Fair Price

From our beginning, we have existed to make pecan snacks that let you fully taste the pecans. We do only minimal processing and we don’t use any artificial ingredients. I tell about that in an early interview I did for a business incubator. You can watch it here.

Yes, our commitment to minimally processed, lightly flavored pecans means our products cost us more, so they cost you more. We know our pecans are worth it, and we know you, our customers, are worth it.

We know you like what we’re doing because you’re growing our business. Our production is up. This past quarter we produced 132% more pounds of pecans over our average quarterly production last year. To put it another way, we produced in 13 weeks this year what we produced in 21 weeks last year. We’ve consistently added a new retailer about every three weeks since the beginning of the year. We’re working diligently to add more, so it will be easier for you to find, and buy, our products.

Today, we have seven flavors. Over time, our assortment of flavors has grown and changed. We will continue to develop new limited-time and seasonal flavors and introduce new flavors as your tastes change. What won’t change is our commitment to using the highest quality pecans and only all-natural ingredients.

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