Crafting a Nourishing Oasis: Our Drive to Make Snacking Healthful

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

May 1, 2024

Crafting a Nourishing Oasis: Our Drive to Turn Snacking into Healthful Eating

I believe you deserve snacks that you love to eat, and that are also better for you than traditional snacks. When you shop for snacks today, they’re all ultra-high-processed and filled with things that are bad for you. I believe your enjoyment and convenience should not compromise your health.

On the contrary, I believe you can have convenient snacks you enjoy eating, and that also boost your health. That’s why we’re crafting a nourishing oasis of snacks that satisfy your hunger and energize you with all-natural nutrients. 


How We’re Building a Better-for-You Snack Company

Our mission is simply to produce pecan snacks that let the full flavor of pecans shine through. It’s critically important to us that you taste the pecans, not only the seasonings we flavor them with. To do this, we start with flavorful pecans and we keep our processing to a minimum.

Next time you dive into a bag of chips, I challenge you to taste the masticated grain or potato that is used to hold together the oils, salt, sugar, and seasonings in a shape you can eat with your fingers.

We believe you can judge snack quality by the facts you can read on the label that tells you the food is ultra-high-processed, contains artificial ingredients, unpronounceable preservatives, bad fats, and a lot of sodium. Or, those facts tell you it’s a better-for-you food that contains vitamins, minerals, fiber, and good fats, is all-natural and is free from preservatives.


You Deserve So Much Better than Junk Food

In a recent interview, I said this about quality and taste:

“There’s been a lot of research on what satisfies people when they’re eating. Most of what is in traditional snacks makes you keep eating, without ever feeling satisfied.”

“So many pecan products are completely encased in either sugar or chocolate—because when they’re encased, no air can get to the pecans, so you don’t have to take good care of them, and they have an enormously long shelf life. Also, since you can’t taste the pecans, their taste doesn’t matter. Of course, when you load them up with relatively cheap ingredients like sugar and you sell your product by weight, you substantially lower the cost of your product.”

“Yes, this means our products cost us more, so they cost consumers more, and we know they’re worth it.”

“We’re firmly committed to producing clean-label snacks, so we avoid artificial ingredients. We start with a variety of pecan known for its pure pecan taste and buttery crunch. We want you to experience the full pecan flavor, complemented by the ideal amount of natural herbs and spices.”

You can read the entire interview here.

It’s for you that we run this snack company. It’s for you that we make clean-label snacks that taste great and are better for you.

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