Bacon Maple Pecans



What’s better than bacon and maple? Bacon Maple pecan halves. You know bacon and maple are meant to go together. So, why not let your mouth luxuriate in the smoky saltiness of bacon nested under organic maple sugar?

Yes, of course you can eat them by the handful (you won’t want to stop), but save some to add texture and flavor to some traditional holiday foods. Better yet, buy a second bag.

For instance, you can add them to your pancakes or to a pumpkin pie and give your sweet tooth something to crunch on. Or, you can sprinkle them across cream cheese frosted carrot cake cupcakes.

In the mood for something savory? Now you’re talking! Our Bacon Maple pecan halves are a great savory addition to sweet potatoes or your favorite gourd squash. You can also add them to any dressing or stuffing recipe. Fold them into one of those work night nearly instant box mix side dishes (we promise not to tell) and surprise your family with something different.

You might want to keep an extra bag or two on hand in case a party breaks out. If so, keep them in the refrigerator for longest use and freshest taste. They’ll keep for about 10 months.

How to Store

Once you’ve opened them, plan to eat leftover roasted pecans within a few weeks. Or, to store them, just seal them in the resealable package, removing as much air as possible, and put them in your freezer. They’ll stay fresh and flavorful for up to two years. To use, allow them to thaw unopened. Read our FAQS for more information on how best to store roasted pecans.

Like all of our products, our Bacon Maple pecan halves are made with US-sourced ingredients. They’re naturally gluten-free, and packed with nutrients your body needs for good health. You can eat them because they’re good for you, but we think you should eat them just because they taste great.

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