Reaper and Weep Pecans



If you know anything about the Carolina Reaper chili pepper, you know that it is the hottest chili pepper in the world, according to Guinness World Records, at 1.64 million Scoville Heat Units. Some people peg it closer to 2 million SHU’s.

Clearly, our Reaper and Weep is for the serious chili head who is accustomed to eating very hot peppers.

Reaper and Weep is made with US-grown pecans in small batches.

Reaper and Weep is not sold in stores. It is available only on our website in both 5 oz family size and 1.6 oz snack size.

If Reaper and Weep sounds too hot for you, we recommend you try We’re Kickin’ It, for a little barbecue with attitude (and no added sugar) or our milder and sweeter Memphis BBQ, made with brown sugar.

Read our FAQS to learn how best to store roasted pecans.


We take your well-being seriously. Reaper and Weep is not for children and is intended only for adult consumption. Women who are pregnant, and those with medical conditions or who are sensitive or allergic to spicy foods, peppers, nightshade plants, or capsaicin, should not eat Reaper and Weep.

Upon eating Reaper and Weep, you may sweat, have a runny nose, increased saliva, or feel a burning pain for a short time. Seek medical attention if you have trouble breathing, fainting, or have extended nausea.

How to Store

Once you’ve opened them, plan to eat leftover roasted pecans within a few weeks, and keep them in a dark place (like a cupboard) and away from heat. As with all Wutta Nut! Pecans flavors, keep Reaper and Weep in the refrigerator for longer use and fresh taste. There, they’ll keep for about 10 months. They’ll stay fresh and flavorful for two years when stored frozen. To use, thaw unopened.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4.5 × 2 in


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