Now Two New Roasted Pecan Flavors in Our Most Popular Size

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

February 7, 2024

Now Two New Roasted Pecan Flavors in Our Most Popular Size

We are introducing two new roasted pecan flavors in our popular Family-size resealable pouches just in time for Valentine’s Day. These are game changers for all your snack cravings and small meals. You’ll want to keep plenty on hand for when cravings strike and you want something satisfying right away.


Bacon Maple

Bacon and maple are an irresistible fusion of savory and sweet. It was inspired by the idea of creating a warm breakfast flavor. To create each small batch of Bacon Maple, we wrap roasted pecans in bacon lard and then roll them in organic maple sugar. The result is a subtle combination of seasonings that let the natural sweet pecan flavor shine through in every bite. Bacon Maple goes great with coffee, and it pairs equally well with a cold beer.


We’re Kickin’ It

We’re Kickin’ It is a mouthwatering combination of barbecue-inspired spices. Made without any added sugar, We’re Kickin’ It has enough heat to leave a lasting impression without being hot. We are excited to offer a flavor without added sugar that isn’t a sugar-free version of some other flavor. Our tart blend of smoky spices and pepper delivers a satisfying barbecue taste and adds a burst of flavor to your snacking routine. This one is perfect on its own, as part of lunch or a light meal, or served with cheeses and fruits.


Price, Availability, and All You Need to Know

Our nutrient-dense savory roasted pecans are designed to tame your cravings at a lower-calorie count than more traditional snack foods. Like all our seasoned pecans, these two new roasted pecan flavors are free from preservatives and artificial flavors or colors. We use high-quality ingredients, beginning with our carefully selected pecans, and we take extra care to source pure ingredients such as organic maple sugar.

Both new Family-size pouches sell for $13 on our website. They are already available from some of our retailers in North and South Carolina and will be rolling out to others over the next several weeks. Our suggested retail price is $11.99 to $14.99.


Meet the Rest of the Family

We want to provide you with a variety of flavors to satisfy your every snack and beverage-pairing need. These new flavors join the full lineup of roasted pecan flavors already available in the 5-ounce Family resealable pouches.

  • Agave Ginger: lightly sweetened with agave and seasoned with ginger. This one is a stunning gluten- and egg-free variation on a traditional gingersnap cookie.
  • Butter and Sea Salt: flavorful pure dairy butter and sea salt combine to form everybody’s favorite finger-licking flavor.
  • Memphis BBQ: our secret blend of eight spices sweetened with brown sugar forms a perfectly balanced barbecue for vegans and meat lovers alike.
  • Parmesan Garlic Butter: parmesan-tempered garlicky goodness is everyone’s favorite Italian threesome. It’s made to top a Caesar salad or munched with a glass of red wine.
  • Rosemary Black Pepper: the savory freshness of rosemary-infused pecans lightly rolled in powdered honey seasoned with freshly ground Tellicherry black pepper and sea salt just might inspire you to put more savory into your diet.

All seven flavors are also available in 1.6-ounce Snack resealable pouches as well as 21-ounce Pantry Pack plastic grip jars.

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