The 7 People We’re Especially Thankful For This Year

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

November 20, 2023





The 7 People We’re Especially Thankful For This Year

Did you know that there are more than 33 million small businesses in the US?

All together, small businesses like ours generate half of the gross domestic product of the country. We do more than that, however. We create the majority of jobs. According to the experts who track such things, small businesses are the primary source of innovation, economic growth, and national prosperity. Perhaps most importantly, we bring opportunities for financial success and independence to women and persons of color.

Building a business requires a willingness to take considerable risk, and to invest both money and time. The statistics vary on the failure rate of startup companies, but on the whole, the odds are against us. Those that do succeed do not do so on their own. So this year, we are especially thankful for all the people who help us in many different ways.


We’re Thankful For All of You

We’re humble enough to know that we owe our success in part to the many unnamed people on this list. Please know that we appreciate every one of you.

#7. Those professionals and entrepreneurs who graciously share their expertise when it is needed and ask for nothing in return. You help make the business better.

#6. Business advisors who challenge, support and guide as we expand the business.

#5. In August we made the necessary decision to leave the shared commercial kitchen we were in. Kitchen space is hard to come by in Charlotte. Within a week, we did more than find a new place. We found a great group of people who are all committed to building their own food business as well as each other’s and we’ve formed some promising partnerships. It’s an uplifting change from the naysayer who started every conversation with, “are you still in business?” We know that startup success is not a competition, maybe someday you will too.

#4. Event organizers who do everything they can to make their events profitable for the vendors as well as fun for the attendees. You make the physical work of setting up and taking down the booth, and the sometimes very long days, worth it.

#3. All the people we meet at festivals and events. When you stop by our table or booth, please know we honestly enjoy meeting you, whether or not you buy something.

#2. For you, for being our customer. Whether you’re a retailer who orders cases at a time, or you’re someone who buys from those retailers, or you buy from us at an event or from our website, we appreciate you. We’re only in business because of your support.

#1. Friends and family members both near and far. Starting a business is at times exhilarating, and at other times, excruciating. You lend both hand and heart in equal measure and fuel the spirit.

How about you? Who is on your list of people to be thankful for this year? Tell them!  You don’t have to post it in a blog, a simple phone call, handwritten note, or an invitation to get together will do.

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Happy Thanksgiving!





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