Summer Fun Snacks to Surprise Discerning Grownups

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

May 23, 2023

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Summer Fun Snacks to Surprise Discerning Grownups

Summer fun is just around the corner. So, it’s time to get excited for long days of epic play and nights of restorative rest. To make this summer one to remember, you’ll want to be sure to include time together with friends and family. Of course, you’ll need a few snacks to go along with an assortment of beverages for these get-togethers.

So ask yourself: do I really want snacks made of cheap preservatives and artificial ingredients? You could serve your friends super-sized bag of chips and make everyone feel guilty for eating them. Or, for better summer fun, reach for something different.


How About a Wholesome Snack?

As a discerning adult, you know you should eat wholesome foods. And, you want to impress your friends with good foods that are fun to eat. But, you (and they) still crave salty and spicy snack-food flavors.

Now, you can satisfy your cravings for snack foods that are fun to eat and are made from whole foods. If you haven’t tried any of our roasted savory pecans, now might be a good time to do a little shopping. We start with a petite pecan with a mighty flavor. Then, we slow-roast each batch and lightly season it by hand using only all-natural spices, herbs, and other ingredients. So, you can enjoy the full pecan flavor while also savoring flavors you associate with satisfying snacks.

In the hot summer, you might be hankering for salt to help you stay hydrated. If so, take a look at our Butter and Sea Salt. If spicy is more your style, check out our mild Memphis BBQ or the somewhat spicier We’re Kickin’ It with no added sugars.

You can find a store near you. Or, order online directly from us. (You may qualify for free shipping.)


Summer Fun Gift Baskets

Whether you prefer to spend your summer free time lounging by the pool or surrounded by friends, it seems like every summer has one or two special occasions – a camping weekend, a party, or a trip to see family.

For these occasions, you might want to bring along a gift box of assorted flavors such as our Summer Fun Gift Box. We’ve filled it with 10 snack packs in a combination of savory, salty, and spicy roasted halves. You can eat them by the handful, or use them to change up your favorite side dishes and salads. 

When you bring along a gift box, you’ll love the simplicity of laying out an assortment of seasoned pecans and letting your friends choose their favorites. They will be delighted with an unexpected snack food and impressed by the flavor combinations.


Stay Out of the Heat

Summer requires careful food handling and that’s true for pecans as well. Do not leave them in a hot car. Limit their time in the hot sun. (Heat shortens their shelf life by making the natural pecan oil in them turn rancid faster. This gives them a bitter, off taste.) They love to live in your refrigerator year-around. They also like to stay dry, so remember to reseal the bag so the last of your pecans are as tasty as the first. You can read more about keeping your pecan snacks fresh and tasty on our FAQs page, and in this blog post on The Scoop.

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