Give an Edible Thinking of You Gift Box

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

February 14, 2023

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Give an Edible Thinking of You Gift Box

When I know a friend or colleague is going through a tough time, I send an edible Thinking of You gift box to give them a boost. But lately, I’ve realized that a Thinking of You gift is also appreciated when I send it “just because.” 

Whether you want to give someone a boost, remind them of a special memory, or you have no particular reason at all, an edible Thinking of You gift box is a heartwarming and nutritious way to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Our Wutta Nut! Pecans Thinking of You gifts boxes are filled with an assortment of our roasted pecans halves. Each gift box also includes wine and cheese pairing cards. 


Perfect for Remote Employees

With so many employees now working from home, managers have to rethink their efforts to maintain a close-knit team. One great way you can keep everyone engaged is by giving the gift of food. This simple gesture appeals to the senses and it can be enjoyed at any time. Most importantly, your gift will be remembered for months.

Nobody really appreciates receiving self-serving company swag. After all, who wants to be a billboard for their employer, especially in their off hours? Gift cards are easy, but nothing is more impersonal.

On the other hand, an edible gift box recognizes employees have a life outside of work and serves no other purpose but to be enjoyed. Further, your employees can share their gif box with family and friends. They may even boast about how it was a gift from their manager or company, a plus for the company’s reputation as a place that cares about its employees.

You build rapport when you send an edible gift box. Give one to each team member to celebrate a significant group accomplishment. Or, give them over the year as individual team members achieve milestones. Either way, your whole team appreciates your thoughtfulness. Don’t overlook sending a just-because treat either. Your employees will appreciate having something to nibble while they navigate a tough assignment.


Send a Gift Box of Roasted Pecans

Sending something savory and healthful says that you care about the recipient’s health and well-being. A sugar rush makes it hard to concentrate and always leads to a sugar crash. Wutta Nut! Pecans are slow-roasted in small batches and seasoned by hand to give each flavor an incredible and distinctive taste. Each flavor is lightly seasoned, not coated, so you can taste our deep-roasted pecans right along with our mouth-watering spices and herbs.

Our Thinking of You Gift Boxes come in two sizes, both offering an assortment of savory and spicy roasted pecan halves. Each large gift box includes two 6.5 oz pouches of We’re Kickin’ It, and one 6.5 oz pouch each of Bacon Maple and Chili Sweet. We’re Kickin’ It has only 1 gram of sugar and 4 grams of carbohydrates. Chili Sweet has no salt and 7 grams of carbohydrates. Our small gift box includes four 1.6 oz pouches of everyone’s favorite Butter and Sea Salt, our most popular Rosemary Black Pepper, one Chili Sweet, and one We’re Kickin’ It.

Our Thinking of You gift boxes are just two of our 10 different special occasion packages. You can personalize our customizable corporate gift boxes with notes or cards.

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