Chili Heads: New Carolina Reaper Fiery Pecan Snack Just for You!

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

May 15, 2024

Chili Heads: New Carolina Reaper Fiery Pecan Snack Just for You!

We’re excited to introduce you to Reaper and Weep, our new fiery pecan snack made especially for chili heads. Laced with Carolina Reaper powder, it’s the latest, and by far the hottest, in our line of heat flavors that starts with the mild vegan Memphis BBQ and then moves on to the sugar-free and spicier We’re Kickin’ It.

If you know anything about the Carolina Reaper chili pepper, you know that it is the second hottest chili pepper in the world, according to Guinness World Records, at 1.64 million Scoville Heat Units. Some people peg it closer to 2 million SHU’s.

Clearly, our Reaper and Weep roasted pecan snack is for the serious chili head who is accustomed to eating very hot chili peppers. Naturally, we taste-tested this new flavor over several months, and the chili heads among them agreed that they’re a fiery pecan snack with just the right amount of heat and added flavors.


A Great Taste Beneath the Heat

Many chilis have amazing flavors, but they are so hot that it is hard for most of us to appreciate them. The Carolina Reaper is certainly in that category. Beneath the heat of this audacious pepper is a fruity taste. It has a sweet bite initially that then makes a vicious turn to what many call “molten lava.” Others liken it to “licking the sun.”

You deserve a flavorful snack that’s more than just spicy hot. It’s capsaicin that gives it the heat. So, to bring out the fruitiness and to tame the capsaicin, we blend in vinegar, lime, and brown sugar.


Coming Soon: Reaper and Weep Challenge

We think Reaper and Weep belongs in your favorite craft brewery. It’s a natural companion for certain beers like IPAs. So, watch this space for news of our Reaper and Weep Challenge. If you’d like to recommend your favorite craft brewery, be a contestant, or help us with some part of the contest, contact us via the contact form on our website.

In the meantime, give it a try and let us know what you think of it. You can submit your review through our website using this form, or add your comment to any Reaper and Weep post on our Facebook or Instagram accounts.


Where to Buy This Fiery Pecan Snack

Reaper and Weep is not available in stores. It is only available on our website in both 5 oz family size and 1.6 oz snack size. Like all of our seasoned roasted pecans, Reaper and Weep is made in small batches using only US-grown pecans.

We’re very proud of this new fiery pecan snack flavor, our first in more than a year. However, we know that Reaper and Weep is not for everyone. It is especially not for children and is intended only for adult consumption. Women who are pregnant, and those with medical conditions or who are sensitive or allergic to spicy foods, peppers, nightshade plants, or capsaicin, should not eat Reaper and Weep. We urge you to read this important information.

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