Be Daring with Chai Roasted Pecans and Add Instant Flair to Your Recipes

Written by D'Anne Hotchkiss

March 21, 2023

chai roasted pecans decorate pastel macarons

Be Daring with Chai Roasted Pecans and Add Instant Flair to Your Recipes

We all have our favorite recipes, but we get bored with them too. The next time you’re craving something familiar and different at the same time, reach for a pouch of our chai roasted pecans and add some instant flair to your meal.

Honey Chai Baby is one of our three flavors of roasted pecan pieces we developed so you can liven up your menu without a lot of effort.

Masala chai is considered an essential Indian spice blend. However, the word chai itself comes from the Chinese word for tea.  

We use a combination of savory spices with just enough salt to bring all the fragrances to life, and a little honey in place of sugar to sweeten them for your adult palate.

Chai Spices are Good for You

Chai is more than an aromatic blend that brings you comforting warmth. The spices also provide you numerous health benefits.

Cinnamon, one of the spices in we use in our Honey Chai Baby Toppers, can reduce your blood pressure, boost your immunity, and reduce your bad cholesterol.

We also use cardamom, a spice that aids in the prevention of digestive disorders caused by bacterial infections such as strep throat.

Ginger is a third spice you’ll detect in our chai masala. Ginger helps your body produce digestive enzymes that catalyze the breakdown of fats and proteins.

All three spices—cinnamon, cardamom and ginger—can help reduce inflammation that causes muscular aches and chronic pain.

5 Uses for Honey Chai Roasted Pecans

  1. At breakfast, blend these little morsels of flavor into your favorite Greek yogurt. Use them to top a fruit smoothie, or indulge in pancakes with a tasty plant protein.
  2. Put some crunchy protein into an ordinary fruit salad of bananas, apples, and berries, then moisten with a little lemon or poppyseed dressing. Toss in a little goat cheese for more protein and another texture.
  3. Grind the pieces and use them to coat a white fish before pan-searing. The cardamon and cinnamon will spice up a traditionally bland main dish and the flavors are a nice change from citrus.
  4. Sprinkle a generous handful across a plain side dish vegetable like carrots or winter squash to give them a sophisticated touch.
  5. Add Honey Chai Baby Toppers to cookies or cobblers. You can fold them into the recipe before baking. Or, sprinkle them across the top of a still warm cobbler or freshly frosted sugar cookies. You’ll love the added taste dimension to your desserts such as macarons colored in pretty spring hues.

Check Out All 3 of Our Toppers

We also make roasted pecan pieces in two other flavors. Garam Masala, our complex blend of toasted spices work together to yield sweet, warm, earthy, and faintly floral notes. We make the Buffalo Stampede by adding a dash or two of sriracha to the familiar buffalo seasoning combo for a wonderfully bold and spicy kick.

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